The contemporary steak experience

that’ll make you feel like a million dollars

"An upmarket and elegant steakhouse where the food and environment reassure you that you’re making a sound investment in your dining experience"
The Bank Steakhouse

Welcome to The Bank – where we serve up a rich, contemporary twist on the classic East Coast steakhouse, where every detail, from the sumptuous decor to the carefully crafted menu, is designed to make you feel like a VIP.

We understand that some steakhouses can be unauthentic and uninspiring, so that’s why we’ve made it our mission to elevate the complete experience to offer you something truly unforgettable.

When you visit us, you’ll know that you’ve made a sound investment in your appetite.

our menu

We’re all about providing an upmarket dining experience that is truly decadent.

As one of only two places in the Canaries to use an American-style broiler grill, we promise an authentic American steakhouse taste that you won’t find anywhere else.

We offer a delectable selection of fresh seafood, mouth-watering steaks and classic state-side favourites in an elegant environment that evokes the ambiance of an old-school, East Coast eatery.


Join us for a leisurely and indulgent brunch experience like no other.

Watch the world go by as you enjoy a delectable selection of two or three courses, all accompanied by half a bottle of wine per person.

The Bullion - Bar

Welcome to The Bullion – The Bank’s elegant cocktail bar, inspired by the theme of American old money, and offering a luxurious and sophisticated experience with a focus on whisky and classic cocktails.

Our expert bank tellers will be on hand to serve you a range of handcrafted drinks, using only the finest ingredients and spirits.

With all of our meat coming directly from our very own butchers, Meat Boutique, you can 'Bank' on the best steak in town

Be our guest

We want you to experience something truly unique – our one-of-a-kind American-style venue.

To make the most of your dining experience, follow these three simple steps:

1. Browse our menu

2. Reserve your table

3. Be amazed

What our Customers are saying

🇪🇸Prime Rib acompañado de nuestro exclusivo jus, fresco rábano picante y el distintivo toque ahumado del hueso de costilla. Una experiencia única que define nuestra excelencia culinaria. 🏛
🇬🇧Prime Rib accompanied by our exclusive jus, fresh horseradish and the distinctive smoky touch of the rib bone. A unique experience that defines our culinary excellence.🏛
🇪🇸En The Bank Steakhouse, ofrecemos una experiencia única que va más allá de lo esperado. No solo los amantes de las carnes encontrarán su paraíso con nuestros cortes premium, sino que también hemos diseñado una carta de cócteles que cautivará tus sentidos🥩
Ven y descubre un mundo de sabores exquisitos en un ambiente de lujo incomparable🍷
🇬🇧At The Bank Steakhouse, we offer a unique experience that goes beyond expectations. Not only will meat lovers find their paradise with our premium cuts, but we’ve also crafted a cocktail menu that will captivate your senses🥩
Come and discover a world of exquisite flavours in an unparalleled luxurious setting🍷
🇬🇧Enjoy our exclusive brunch every day from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM at The Bank Steakhouse. Savour a delicious meal in a luxurious setting in the heart of Playa de las Américas🥩🍷
We look forward to welcoming you!
🇪🇸Disfruta de nuestro exclusivo brunch todos los días de 13:30 a 15:30 en The Bank Steakhouse. Saborea una deliciosa comida en un ambiente lujoso en el corazón de Playa de las Américas🥩🍷
¡Te esperamos! 
🇬🇧At The Bank, our attentive and professional staff meticulously takes care of every detail, ensuring a unique experience that stands at par with the finest steakhouses. 
 🇪🇸En The Bank, nuestro atento y profesional equipo cuida cada detalle meticulosamente, asegurando una experiencia única a la altura de los mejores steakhouses. 
🇪🇸Anoche celebramos nuestro primer aniversario en The Bank Steakhouse con una velada de elegancia y lujo, fiel al estilo característico de The Bank. Gracias por ser parte de esta noche especial🥩🥂
🇬🇧Last night, we celebrated our first anniversary at The Bank Steakhouse with an evening of elegance and luxury, true to The Bank’s signature style. Thank you for being part of this special night🥂🥩
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